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trans question
i'm putting a 360 engine in my 85 cj and was wondering what the best trans would be.
Tranny Question
...I want to stay with the 304 but it has a T4 tranny. is there a better?
Transmission Problems
The problem was that no matter what gear I shifted my 904 auto tranny into, it was still in 2nd gear.
HELP.. my 727 is weirding out....
i Stop, and put it in Neutral, then its ok, till i stop again, Still in second......
damn trannys
... could i bolt a cast iron borg warner to my 290?
727 vs 904 valve body
can I use the valve body out of the 904 in my 727?
Manual Valve Body
Now, it SAYS it's not for street use, but really... can I use one?
The Amazing Singing M-11 least until it got warmed up, then there was a distinct "hooting" noise when the car was in reverse
The Amazing Singing M-11
I drop 'er into 2nd and it's just like putting it into neutral!!!
Source for M-11 parts???
I pulled the pan and filter out of the Ambassador's M-11 today and am having trouble finding the gasket and replacement filter.
another tranny question
how externally similar are the 904-998-727s?
Which 727 to use, one you know or the one in the car...
I'm working on a 71 Javelin right now with a 360 and 727 already in it.
360 with 727 or TH400?
what tranny would be better suited for a 360 Matador.
AM relies on B/W trans
I rely on the Borg warner M12
M-11's have 14 bolts, M-12's have 16??
is this true?
Whats this mean? MMM 12319
BW aluminum case 3 spd auto
help me with my t-10 spirit swap
i have a 1979 amx i put a 360 in it and i now want to put a t-10 from a 68 jav...
T4 blowout and what do I do.
My 304 in my jeep put the nail in the T4's coffin.
Clutch Help
I need your help the Clutch just started to go in my 70 Mark Donohue Javelin!
Clutch Linkage
Need help on figuring what the outer idler arm bushing in the clutch attatches to or what the assembly is.
1979 amc amx trans problems
...will the stock sr4 4 speed trans work with motor and what fly wheel do i use?
trans id help!
i have a t10 trans i need to know how to tell what year it is
Where do I get BW filter and gasket?
Transpak vs Shift Kit
I'm looking at the B&M Shift Kit vs. the Transpak. What's the difference?
Late Model Flex Plates
I had someone ask me if a '70/'71 engine used the same flexplate as the '72-'74.
Rear Axle
AMC Model 20
i'm putting a 360 engine in my 85 cj and was wondering what the best trans would be.
AMC 20
I have a AMC 20 rear and don't see any ratio tags on it.
Model 20 axles...
I have a set of original Henry's Hy-tuff axles from a 69'SS AMX..
I wanted to know what gears/times people ran.
A pain in the rear
I'm in the process of beefing up my model 20 rear in my 69' AMX.
removing the axles from a Dana 20...
I have a 66 Ambassador DPL with the Dana 20, and I want to remove the axles and send them to Moser...
Matador Coupe Axles
It needs a rear axle, but I have to ask - do sedan axles fit onto it, or are they different?
Ford or Mopar rear dimensions
Do any of you know the widths for any of the Ford 9" or Mopar 8-3/4 inchers?
Adding a Limited Slip unit to a one legger.... How to?
I want to ditch the one legger rear end.
I am not sure if going to a detroit locker is the right thing to do?
Are all Model 20 Lock Rights the same?
I've decided I'm going to try a Lock Right in the Javelin's 3:91 geared model 20...
Any thoughts on which limited slip to use?
Should I look for a locker if I don't drive it on the street much? A Lock Right? Just mini-spool it???
How do I I.D. a twin grip?
I just bought a amc 20 with 4:10 gears and what apears to be a posi of some kind...
What do I have?
I'm also wondering what type of rear axle I have in my '70 Jav.
9" Ford in a Javelin.
How to slow a car down in ONE easy step......
Well, I finally got a chance to try out those new 3.70 gears in the 9" rear I put in the Javelin.
Jav. rear in an American???
Anyone know if this is going to work, before i go and buy the rear?
Torque Converter
NOn lockup in a 998
Does anybody sell a non lockup TC for the Chrys 998 auto?
Lock-up Torque Converter ?s
...the lock-up converters in "...some..." of these transmissions were German units.
Stall Speed?
Just wondering what you guys thought of stall speeds and torque converters.
Transfer Case
Eagle "Selec-Trac" Transfer Cases
I'd like to put Selec-Trac in my Eagle SX/4, but wondering, since mine's a 4 speed...... will it work?
Transmission Swap
transmission modification
My question is, what the best tranny to swap into a stock aluminums place? 727? TH400?
I have a '78 401 that was set up with a 4 speed, but will be serving duty with a 727 behind it.
401 and a 727
my question is what i have to have done to the crank or engine to adapt to the 727?
360/727 swap
...will i need a new transmission crossmember for the 727?
Early tranny on a late engine
But what do i have to do to bolt a M12 to the engine?
turbo 400 trans swap in AMX
Has anybody done a Turbo 400 trans swap on a 68 AMX 343?
Best trans to run behind a 290
I've currently got a TH400 mounted to my 290...
Torqueflite behind a 290???
...what I would like to do is put a 904 behind it
Another question on 727 behind 390...
Can someone explain *exactly* what needs to be done to the crank to make the 727 fit?
6 speed???? an idea that's been pushed around
...we came up with the idea of using a T56 6 speed used in vipers and corvettes in place of the T10 4 speed.
T-56s... Or: My Winter Wonderland...
More 6-speed swap info!
Tremec 5/6 Speeds
I came across a company that makes a conversion kit to drop a Tremec manual tranny into an AMC!
Manual Jeep...
I'd like to get an overdrive 4 or 5 speed manual behind a 1984 360 in a Jeep Grand Wagoneer
What Tranny to use?
Well, the Concord idea seems to be strong. But I must know what transmission to use?
Ford T-5 transmission info
Ford T5 I.D. Chart
Auto to 4 speed conv.
I want to replace the M-12 in my '70 javelin with a 4 speed.
here's the tranny info .. sorry it took so long ..
A-518 Automatic Overdrive Transmission
Adapter plate to put a 700R4 behind a 360...
know you can get the adapter plate and stuff from Advance Adapters for around $400 total.
T-5 compatablility
Is there a way to keep the five speed manual and the rear gears in an '83 sx/4 and...

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