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Engine Building
amc info
Here is some info that might be helpful...
Misc. engine building questions.
Bore Size
What is the max bore size, after honing, of a 68'-69' 390 to be able to use STD. bore TRW L2313 pistons?
Piston height/compression ratio
If using a flat top TRW forged piston with 58cc's heads, how far in the hole should I be to achieve 10:1 compression?
Rod clearances
A friend is re-assembling his 360 and when he plasti-gaged the rod bearings, they all came out to...
What to do with a thick wall T/A 360?
Reliable 6500+ RPM techniques
Building a reliable 6500 RPM AMC engine.
Road Racin'
...how do you make a motor like that that can turn some high RPMs for a long period of time?
Top rpm for stock 343 rods?
I understand that the first rpm victom in a 343 is the stock rod bolts...
70-up intake/heads on pre-70 engine. What's involved?
tore apart the 360...... now a bunch of ????s
Engine decisions and a piston ring question...
AMC 4-bolt mains...
amc dry sump
Has anybody ever set up a dry sump on a amc 401,390 before?
304 with an ATTITUDE
I would like for it to run 8.9s in the 1/8 mile
This forum is a lifesaver!....some 343 ??
I hope to build this engine to a 300-350hp and install in a TOTALLY restored '68-'69 Javelin steet car while keeping it "343"...
360 Questions
Recommendations for mild build up would be appreciated.
Recommended Thumper 360 Recipe for J10 Wagoneer?
What is a good recipe for a strong 360?
Street 390 buildup
I thought I might ask for some thoughts, tips, or advice for my future engine build.
international travelall 401
i've located a 401 out of an international travelall at my local wrecker...
Aack- the 401 needs surgery!
So, can someone suggest a solid combo for when I put it back together?
Modifying a 401
I'm not looking to build an all out madman racer...
motor work
Balancing - Q&A
I wonder if one of you knowledgable types would care to explain engine balancing...
Pistons and stuff...
...does anyone know if there are hypereutectic pistons available for a '70 390?
520 Horsepower 401 for $3,500 bucks?
Hot Rod Magazine, June '98
500 inch AMC?
Randy is full of good info....
Stroking AMC/have questions
kibler asks about stroking a 360: link below is P
Still stroking
I stroke the 360 to 4.125, get a set of 5.858 rods...
400 inch 360 stroker...
Here's a stroker 360 combo, any comments on potential?
Small cubes need love too...
With all the discussions of 390/401 availability, I'd like to offer up this topic for discussion.
Here's one for you Rob...
If you took a 360 block out .045 to make it a 4.125 bore...
401 strokin'
...he'd been thinking of going small journal SBC rods, offset ground and indexed- for around 420 ci
Chevy rods poor fit
Just dummied the rods & pistons in my 401 and found they don't fit that well...
Horspower gain
How much horspower gain would be seen going from Comp Cams...
Inline 6 for power...
engine plan (Inline 6)

Camshaft 101
More Cam Talk
can somone explain the advantages/disadvantages of a single patern vs dual pattern cam
Sharing cam recommendations
Well I called several cam manufacturers today...
Machine Cam Specs?
Anybody out there know what the lift and duration on the factory Rebel Machine camshaft?
Stock 343 cam specs?
Anybody know the stock cam specs for the '68 343 4bbl?
Thoughts on Performer cam?
Should I try this cam?
Cam opinion needed
It's a Crower "Hi-draulic Hauler"
Fast bleed hydraulic lifters

Holly or carter?
Did 1968 javelin 4bbl's come in Carters only or also in Holleys?
Attn: All Carter (Edelbrock) carb gurus...
Are the boosters in the primary venturis SUPPOSED to be HUGE?
Edelbrock Performers & Carb Spacers
...I picked up .3 tenths with an Edelbrock 1" carb spacer
I'm building a 401 for my 67 Rebal and I'm wondering what kind of intake to go with?
! Intake porting question
I spent about 45 minutes with a Dremel and did half of one port...
Offy 2X4 bbl intake opinions...
Just picked up an Offy dual quad intake...
intake question...
i've heard a few people talking about the edelbrok RB4 intake, the torquer, even some hi-po stock peices ... i wonder ...
intake question
R4B's are rare as hell around here and cost is crazy so what other options do i have other than a stock 4 bbl?
Found out why my '73 Javelin is such a dog!
Edelbrock SP2P
Indy's intake manifold
Has anyone actually seen one of the Indy intake manifolds?
rpm air-gap intake update
the status of the part is 'still in development'
Manifold "oil baffle"
Does anyone have a picture, or can describe how the "oil baffle" is configured, on the underside of the original manifolds?
Help! Questions about upgrades to '81 Eagle SX/4, 6 Cyl...
I recently purchased a Weber k551-38 Carb for my Eagle SX/4, 6 cyl...

360 overheating
My problem is it is overheating after running down the road at 50 mph for 10 minutes

Stupid headers! What to do?
...and I can't get the dang things to seal for more than a couple days!

Rectangular vs dogleg heads.
304 heads on a 290 block
will the 304 heads bolt on to my 290 without serious modification?
Head flow
Just came back from the machine shop where I begged time on the flow bench for my AMC aluminum heads.
Heads flow checked- is this OK?
2.080/1.740 valve install...
If anyone's interested, here's a link to some pictures I took of the work I'm doing...
George's 291c's...
Hey George, I started messing with the heads...
291c Buildup
I finally scored a set of my very own 291c's
Having heads checked/redone,
I want to have a set of the 58 cc heads I have checked out to make sure they're in good shape...
Swapping across 69/70 deck height
I want to swap the dogleg heads from a 1979 360 onto my 1968 343...
291c on a 401
How much compression can I gain by using 291Cs with the stock dished pistons?
Head flow
Has anyone ever bench flowed a big valve rectagular port head 343/390?

On Magnetos
I have always been told not to run a mag on the street, and it has been so long I have forgotten the reasons why.
Which plugs/gap for Pertronix?
When upgrading to the breakerless Pertronix unit, which plugs?
Mallory dual point dist
What are the issues with Mallory?

Roller Rocker Arms for AMC V8's
Well, i'm out there shopping for Roller Rocker Arms, so I figured I'd share my findings!
Chevy rocker arm studs?
I have read on this site that a chevy rocker stud and lock-nut can be used...
No hardened valve seats in an AMC?!?

Engine Swaps
engine swap?
Have a 63 classic with the 195+ engine...
inline 4- engine replacement
Destroked V8
I have a 59 American 2 door sedan. It has a little flathead 6 in it...
Amc 258 - Jeep 4.0L inline6 conversion?
what it would take to swap a Jeep 4.0L straight6 in place of an AMC 191/232/258?
V8 in a 81 Eagle SX/4
I'm thinking of swapping in a 304 V8 into my SX/4 Eagle...
Spirit engine swapping info needed
I am doing a major modification to a 1980 Spirit DL.
440 powered AMX/Javelins?
What is involved in the swap and can it be undone easily?

Forced Induction
Supercharger! Part Deux!
...he's got a blown '68 Rambler
NOX, giggle gas, go-fast-as-hell juice...

Smokes @ hot idle only
...smokes a light blue only at a hot idle...
How do you check for bad rings?
Oil leak in fresh rebuild?
My new motor doesnt like distributor gears.
My new motor has gone through 3 sets of distributor gears while I have been trying to find out the cause of their wear.
New member with engine trouble
I was playing around with the carb when a bent linkage caused the secondaries to open full...

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