Adding a Personal Photo

If anything doesn't jive with what you read/see here, please let me know!

  • #1: Click My Control Center
  • #2: Click the Edit Profile button
  • #3: Enter the URL of the picture in the Personal Photo URL box
  • URL stands for Universal Resource Locator,
    which is an address at which you can find a web site.
    An example would be or
    By typing in these URLs in your browser's address bar
    you will be taken to the corresponding web site.

    Important: The URL must be a link to an
    image file. It will end with either .jpg or .gif

  • #4: Make sure Use personal photo is checked off
  • #5: Click the Save Changes button
  • That's IT! You're done!

    Important: Most "Free" sites (Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, etc.) do not allow remote hosting of pictures. This means that unless the picture is being viewed by a webpage that is actually on that "Free" server, it will not be able to be viewed on the Forum.

    For Personal Photos only, there is a solution/workaround:

    What you do is put that in front of the URL of the picture.

    Say i've got a pic on Geocities and the URL is:

    You'd just put it all in the Personal Photo URL box:

    That's all on one continuous line.

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