Posting Photos

If anything doesn't jive with what you read/see here, please let me know!

  • #1: Go to
  • #2: Click the File Manager button
  • #3: This will bring you to the Sign In page.
  • Click the Get One Free hyperlink - sign up for your free homepage

    Once you've got your free account, simply type in your Screen Name and Password - then hit Sign In

  • #4: Click the Add New Files button
  • #5: Click the Browse button
  • Find the picture on your hard drive. You can upload 4 files at one time.

  • #6: When you have all your pictures ready, click the OK button.

  • #7: Find the picture you wish to post, click that link - the picture will appear
  • #8: Select the entire link in the Address bar
    Right click, choose Copy

  • Now head on back to the Forum

  • #9: Post a topic and enter the link to your picture
    surrounded by the [image] [/image] tags.

    EX: [image][/image]

    #10: Make sure EzCodes is checked off

    #11: Hit the Add Reply button

    That's IT! You're done!

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